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The Portland Bike Stand

The Portland Bike Stand

An ultra-premium, professional bike trainer stand, made in the USA for all bikes and ALL Riders. FREE shipping within the USA

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  • Proprietary Locking Axle Design and Replaceable, Machined Brass Fittings

    Brass was chosen not only for its attractive appearance, but for its malleability and low-friction properties on contact points. This inherent softness prevents damage or sticking between bolts and thru axle ends under a compressed load. 

  • The Largest Wheel + Tire Size Clearance Ever Created!

    The Portland is the only trainer in existence that can accept up to 29” +3.5”+ tires, and everything smaller diameter 650b, 700c, 26”, you name it. Yep, even Fat Bikes!

  • Stability & Load Capacity up to 500Lbs!

    Did you know that ALL available trainers on the market today top out at max weight capacity of 250 Lbs? It's true!

    The Portland is USA-made and over-built on purpose to tolerate weight capacity of 500LBs+ with a massive stable footprint: this allows The Portland to hold an E-bike or CargoBike/Bakfeit, and the wide footprint base makes it nearly impossible to tip over with full efforts or with larger/taller riders.


I’ve been using The Portland Bike Stand in my fitting studios since 2019. 

The stand is sturdy, good looking and very well made.  It provides a more secure platform that is safer for my clients when getting on and off the bike and is easier for me to use.

Whether I'm working with road bikes, TT bikes, gravel, commuter, full-suspension mountain bikes, fat bikes, tandems, recumbents, or e-assist, I prefer to use the Portland Bike Stand.

The Portland is more robust than any other trainer platform on the market. Most trainers won't last a year in daily, commercial use for bike fitting.

Four years later, my Portland Bike Stands show no signs of wear. I’ve used lots of trainers and platforms in 24 years of bike fitting.  The Portland Bike Stand is my favorite.

Craig Watson

Bike Fitting Madison and Bikes Bikes Bikes
24 years of bike fitting services in Madison, WI
6 years of teaching bike fitting in 13 states
14,000 hours of bike fitting sessions

Knowing ANY bike that rolls in to my PT/BikeFit studio will fit in The Portland Bike Stand is PRICELESS.  It eliminates the headaches of having to deal with cassettes and shifting issues with the direct drive units — and it's also a massive time-saving advantage!

Deb Slota, PT, DPT, Cert Bike PT

Founder Bike & Body PT and Bike Fitting in Milwaukee, WI

The Portland has been a game changer. The high weight capacity means that e-bikes and tandems can be mounted with no concern for damage to either the trainer or the bike. Additionally, the ample width accommodates the increased length of fat bike axles. I’ve put hundreds of bikes on my Portland Bike Stand and it still looks brand new. It's a high quality product that has expanded my ability to work with more types of cyclists.

Paulie Glatt, PT, DPT

Owner/ Founder of GO PHYSIO PT & Bike Fitting in St. Paul, MN


How do I mount my bike on The Portland Bike Stand?

Depending on your bike type/style, all you need is a trainer thru axle or quick release skewer with rounded ends (versus square). If you are having trouble with what size of trainer axle you need, please visit Robert Axle Project, and use their axle finder!

With the trainer axle or QR installed, you simply install the ends into the machined brass fittings, turn the knobs on the side of the unit to compress the axle—no need to over tighten, as the closure mechanism will hold stable once the compression is applied.

What resistance unit works best with The Portland Bike Stand?

We recommend using the Kurt Kinetic road machine (or similar) which mounts using a universal mounting bracket, measuring 85mm. These can easily be found online, or you can take one off a used trainer, which are remarkably easy to find on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace.

How much does The Portland Bike Stand weigh?

Without a resistance unit installed, it weighs roughly 40 lbs.

How much space is required for The Portland Bike Stand? 

The unit’s footprint is 80cm x 68cm, so we recommend a space that is minimum 85cm x 72cm, or roughly 33.5” x 30.5” for the unit itself, without a bike stalled on it.

What is the largest wheel / tire setup The Portland Bike Stand will accept?

A 29” wheel with 3.5” tire is confirmed, and with the height-adjustability of the rear legs, will likely take up to a 4” tire. The Portland Bike Stand has an axle range of roughly 11 inches, so it will fit large 5” Fat Bike tires. However, the resistance unit usually tops out about 3”.

Can I put an e-Bike on The Portland Bike Stand?

Absolutely. Most e-bikes fit on the trainer, and it is built to tolerate over 500 lbs! Note: For e-bikes with 20” wheels, the resistance unit will not reach the tire, thus an adapter / modification will be needed to effectively use resistance on smaller wheel bikes. The smallest wheel that reaches the resistance unit is confirmed at 26”.  

Who uses The Portland Bike Stand?

  1. Professional Bike Fitters use The Portland Bike Stand to help a much wider and diverse range of riders and bikes. 
  2. Indoor Cyclists / Cycling Studios use The Portland, especially for larger riders and heavier bikes, or for those riders that want to put ALL of their bikes on one trainer. From road to gravel, all the way up to MTB, Fat Bikes, and even E-bikes will fit! 
  3. Bike Shops use The Portland to let customers try out bikes and assess sizing of bikes without having to ride the bikes outside. Quickly + easily swap out bikes for customers.

Is there any concern of The Portland Bike Stand tipping over during use? 

The Portland Bike Stand has the largest footprint ever created on a wheel-on trainer, with fully-adjustable rear legs to adapt to imperfections in floor surfaces, so there is very little to no risk of tipping over or shifting during normal use. 


Width: 82cm /  32"

Depth: 68cm  /  27'

Weight: 42 Lbs / 19 Kg

Resistance Unit

The Portland Bike Stand does NOT include a resistance unit. It has a universal 85mm spacing bracket, currently compatible w/ rear fluid trainer units such as the Kurt Kinetic.

I’m Kevin Schmidt, Physiotherapist, Bike Fitter, and founder of Pedal PT, the first Bike-Friendly Physical Therapy offices in the country located in Portland, Oregon!

My journey started in 2007, when I started working in Clinical Bike fit where I found myself frustrated by the limitations of most commercially available trainer stands (for example: when riders of larger bikes, MTB’s, 29” wheels or E-bikes came into my office looking for help, my anxiety would skyrocket since I knew the bikes wouldn’t fit in the trainer!. 

I quickly discovered that ALL wheel-on-bike trainers available were designed and built exclusively for road-bike riders and lack the capacity to accept larger axles, tires, wheels other than 700c, or bigger bikes and riders. 

Pedal PT is in one of the most wonderfully diverse bike-friendly cities in the country and as such I experienced riders coming in with Fat Bikes, E-Bikes, Cargo/Utility bikes, fully-loaded bike-packing bikes, and many, MANY more. We experimented with everything we could get our hands on including the Kurt Kinetic, Wahoo, Blackburn, and Computrainer Units to name a few, but due to the volume of riders we were seeing, we’d often break or bend the units, rendering them completely unusable. 

Eventually, I realized that I needed a specialized multi-purpose trainer… A trainers stand for all bikes, and ALL riders… 

And I was going to be the one to make it!

Working with an experienced local bike-building machinist in 2017, we crafted a prototype that would eventually become “The Portland” bike stand.

Now, after seven years of development, testing with over four thousand bikes, and collaborating with Onyx Racing Components at the Portland MADE Bike Show in 2023, we can now domestically fully scale and Manufacture The Portland at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

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